What can affect my e-liquids?

Flavours vary from batch-to-batch and also on how fresh they are this is known as Green for a freshly mixed batch and allowing your liquid to age which is known as steeping will bring out the full depth of flavour, steeping times can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks so please bear this in mind when ordering new e-liquids.

The cooler the liquid, the thicker it gets so store the liquid in a warmer place if it seems too thick. Avoid leaving your sabre kit in direct sunlight as this makes the liquid thin and in extreme cases can cause your clearomiser to leak, also avoid getting liquid in the central column when filling which can cause a bubbling sensation and will affect your experience.

For optimal performance it is also advisable not to leave your device or liquid bottle in direct sunlight as this can in some cases darken the liquid and may also have a noticeable effect on flavour,


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