Why is my clearomizer leaking?

It may be that the clearomizer tank has been overfilled. Remember, you only need enough liquid to cover the coil.

Please only fill the tanks from the bottom and do not remove the mouthpiece. Take care not to pour the liquid in the central column and not to cross-thread the tank and base when refitting.

it may also be that your coil has flooded, the coil can only vaporise so much liquid so a long slow pull will allow you to get the best from your Sabre Kit,

if your coil has flooded this is easily remedied, if you leave your Sabre kit stood upside down on a piece of kitchen towel gravity will allow the excess to run down the central column and collect on the kitchen towel, dont forget to wipe away any residue from the mouth piece prior to re use,

Over time some e-liquids may break down the plastic tank and seals of your clearomizer. Avoid leaving e-liquids in a clearomizer that is not being used for a prolonged period of time.

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