How do I use my multiVAPE device?


  1. Unscrew the base of the clearomizer
  2. Hold the clearomizer with the mouthpiece pointing downwards at a slight angle.
  3. Pour the multiVAPE e-liquid into the tank of the clearomizer – avoid getting any inside the central column
  4. Do not fill beyond the height of the central column – ensure there is enough liquid to cover the coil and top up regularly as needed
  5. Carefully realign the base, screwing the clearomizer in a clockwise direction
  6. Carefully screw the battery to the clearomizer ensuring the connectors are clear of any dust or debris.

Once assembled:

  1. Press the button five times very quickly (within 1 ½ seconds) to activate the battery (the button will start flashing White)
  2. When you are ready to vape, inhale on the mouthpiece end as you would with a traditional cigarette whilst keeping the button pressed down
  3. If the button light repeatedly flashes (3 times) whilst vaping, this indicates overheating of the coil inside. It might be that not enough liquid is making into the coil, or that the coil needs replacing. Before replacing try unscrewing the coil and screwing it back in again. Also try ‘priming the coil’ as described below.
  4. When the button light repeatedly flashes eight times this will indicate that the battery needs to be recharged
  5. Replace the coil as and when needed (for more information see Coil section)
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