How do I charge my battery?

  1. Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery
  2. Connect the battery to the multiVAPE USB charging lead supplied
  3. Insert the USB plug into a USB socket of a compatible charging unit e.g. PC or laptop
  4. The indicator on the USB charger will change from red to green when the battery is fully charged

Your battery should arrive nearly fully charged before you first use your device.

When your device needs charging, make sure to only use the chargers provided by multiVAPE. As we provide different charging units, ensure that the battery and charging unit are compatible. We recommend our multiVAPE Main Charger as being the most efficient way to charge your battery which has an output of 0.5 Amps.  

Please DO NOT try to charge our devices using any other chargers as they may not be compatible and may damage your battery or charging device.

multiVAPE devices should ideally be charged on a desk or solid surface where no damage is likely to be caused. Do not charge in a place where there is a risk of fire and keep out of the reach of children. Never leave your charger unattended while your device is charging. 

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