My battery is not charging properly

Firstly, try the battery with a different cartridge.

If it is not working, place the battery in your portable charger case. Press and hold the right hand side of the silver strip button on the front of your portable charger case for at least five seconds or until the LCD changes from blue to red. Our video tutorial shows you how to do this [link to tutorial] If it hasn’t, it will need to be plugged in.

Remember that it is only when the LCD changes to red that the electronic battery is being charged. A blue display indicates the strength of the internal battery within the portable charger case.

Check the battery connector is free from any dust or debris and that the battery is screwed in correctly.

Batteries will need replacing from time to time and it may be that yours has come to the end of its life. You can order replacement batteries at our accessories store here. You can also order other accessories including replacement chargers and portable charger cases.

Note: You should only charge your batteries using the multiCIG portable charger case or multiCIG USB adaptor. Using a non-compatible charger may damage your battery and will invalidate your warranty.

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    Angela Elliot

    Was impressed with 1st multivape kit decided to purchase a 2nd kit - mistake- brand new yet will not charge up.although I have receipt its quite useless as purchased this approximately 250. Miles away from home so it would cost me more to travel to get an exchange /refund £19.99 lost.

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    Angela Elliot

    Thought 1st was brilliant so easy to use/charge/refill. Guess shouldn't of been greedy wanting another set .£19.99 wasted .