How to charge your multiVAPE Sabre battery


  1. Connect your rechargeable Sabre battery onto the USB charger 
  2. insert the USB end of your charger in to a laptop or suitable USB plug (below 1 amp charge rate)
  3. When the LED is red on your charger your battery is depleted and is charging
  4. When the LED flashes between red and green your battery is partially charged
  5. When the LED is constant green You can now remove your battery from your charger and enjoy your MultiVAPE

Remember when charging your batteries do not leave them unattended 

Note: You should only charge your batteries using the multiVAPE charger/USB adaptor. Using a non-compatible charger may damage your battery and will invalidate your warranty.


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    Angela Elliot

    Tried several times to charge this battery in fact spent a few hours trying various ways - all to no avail nothing else I can possibly try other than throwing it up the wall - which I doubt will solve my dilemma .😈😵