How to charge your battery

Charging your multiCIG e cigarette battery is easy. Simply follow these 5 steps:

  1. Screw one of your rechargeable batteries into the charging slot on your portable charger case (this slot is on the far right)
  2. Press the right hand side of the silver button on your portable charger case to activate the display and hold this button until the LED turns red. This usually takes 5-10 seconds and you will also see the light on the battery tip flash 5 times
  3. When the LED is red, your battery is charging
  4. When the LED turns blue, your battery is fully charged
  5. You can now screw your chosen cartridge into the battery and enjoy multiCIG

Remember that unlike many other leading brands, you don’t have to charge your portable charger case before you charge a battery. You can do it at the same time.

Note: You should only charge your batteries using the multiCIG portable charger case or multiCIG USB adaptor. Using a non-compatible charger may damage your battery and will invalidate your warranty.


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    Angela Elliot

    Tried several times to charge this battery in fact spent a few hours trying various ways - all to no avail nothing else I can possibly try other than throwing it up the wall - which I doubt will solve my dilemma .😈😵

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